J2objc Packager for Gradle

Gradle plugin and libraries for J2objc development


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J2objc Packager for Gradle

This project contains both a gradle plugin to support translating Java to Objective-C with J2objc, with dependency and packaging support for Xcode using Cocoapods.

Getting Started

To see how to run the Gradle plugin against a basic project, check out Basic Quickstart.

After the quickstart, see more tutorials in the menu under “Basic Quickstart/Tutorials”.

Gradle Plugin / Doppl

The gradle plugin is a fork of ‘j2objc-contrib/j2objc-gradle’, and was the Gradle plugin developed for the Doppl Project. See gradlehistory for more background info and context.


The libraries included in this org are going to be very core, Java-only libraries. Junit and mockito come straight out of the J2objc project itself.

See the github page for the current status and list. More experimental stuff will be at Doppl Github.

More info about core J2objc libraries and the Gradle plugin.